Benjamin McMillan



Arnhem, NL

530 --> WWW.


Falmouth 2014-2016

ArtEZ 2017-


ZeroDotZero 2018

Instructions on Type Lettering designed/made through the almost thoughtless ambling of me. Each letterform constructed and walked out in several cities, Arnhem, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag with no previous planning or mapping out. A decision was made in the moment which way to walk and when to turn. This led to some oddly shaped characters. The book is an instruction manual/map on creating letters.

Off the Beaten Track Research done into the quiet spaces that exist in the Eftling (a theme park in The Netherlands). I was interested in how the theme has been designed in a way that tries to maximise the people travelling to rides and stalls but are there any spaces that fail to do this? Quiet zones and empty spots. Where empty benches lie and unused trash cans sit.

Acme of Value Sealed in a plastic bag, a study of trash and the value of objects in photography and how taking an image gives anything importance.

The Ideal Bartender 2017 redesign of a cocktail recipe book originally published in 1917.

Gain a New Perspective Exploration into how we see the world and how we think we know what it really looks like. One image from Google Maps and the other from a research satellite. Do we know what the Earth looks like because we've seen it through Google Maps? Do we know what the streets of Dubai look like because we walked down them in Street View?
For this project I created a new way to experience Street View; a maze-like map with no exit and no enterance.

Working Talics (working title) A typeface in the very slow process of creation. Vaguely inspired from my awful handwriting

530 530 is a typeclub that gathers weekly to talk about and do workshops on everything to do with type design. Based in the school of ArtEZ Arnhem. Organised and founded by Benjamin McMillan, Dong Bin Han and Joost Vullings.
Website coming soon!

Finnegans Wake Redesign of Finnegans Wake by James Joyce. Rivers play a huge role in the story of Finnegans Wake and are often subtley referenced. In this book everytime a river was mentioned or hinted at I included a photo (if I could find one) and the explaination of how it was used in the book around the story text. Some of the resulting pages are filled and some not so much.

Hightail A typeface that started life in a four day workshop run by Mads Wildgaard.